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The Google Phone – Nexus One

Google is getting a head start on the media blitz @ CES with the launch of the Nexus One phone. However, the media response thus far has been mediocre at best. Bottom line is it’s a nice looking HTC phone with features you would expect; however, it’s not much different than the Droid that was […]

Moving Systems into the Cloud

Cloud computing is going mainstream…this might sound a bit obvious as the media has been hyping cloud computing for sometime. However, it has only been in recent months that companies are seriously starting to move production systems to the clouds.

I can say this with some authority, as i have an increasing number of clients […]

Vozle Voice Writer - Coming Soon!

Vozle’s first consumer iPhone application is on it’s way!

Vozle has been focused on building collaboration solutions that extend the reach of existing enterprise applications. However, we are now extending our reach into a few select consumer markets. Voice Writer enables you to capture tasks, ideas, and information anytime, anywhere, in the moment–using voice. Voice […]

Smartphone Market is heating up

This quarter, we (my Vozle team) got a handle on the smartphone market–after all, it is the primary delivery vehicle for Vozle today–although we are also very excited about the new Apple tablet (more about that later…)

Here are some of our findings:

Total worldwide smartphone shipments for 3Q09: 43.3M That is 15% of […]

Vozle.com is LIVE!

Vozle LLC is my new venture and primary endeavor. It is the result of several years of conceptual development and we have been developing the Vozle technology and services infrastructure for nearly a year now.

Vozle is about capturing information in the moment, anytime, anywhere, and putting action behind it. It is a horizontal technology […]