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The Impact and Legacy of Steve Jobs

The whole world is reeling and reflecting on the passing of Steve Jobs. I have seen countless articles and personal accounts of how Steve has impacted people around the world.

This one is about his impact on me personally.

His vision and execution, his obsession with aesthetic design, his unwillingness to give up on […]

How to manage 85,000+ photos?

Please let me know if you know the answer–I haven’t yet figured it out… However, I do have some specific requirements and ideas on how it should work. I’ve done a lot of reading and homework on the topic, yet not invested in LightRoom or Aperture, which appear to be the choices available to professional […]

Renaissance of the Garage Startup with a Twist of Lime

We are in a rebirth or revival of garage startup companies. Garage in the sense of creative innovation that is happening in the least likely places, with minimal resources and cash-flow. The best analogy is that of the original garage startup days, way back when Stephen and Steve created Apple Computer, and Bill and […]

How to use different SSH Keys to access the same Server

This is a fairly esoteric problem; however, after not finding other succinct explanations and spending many hours figuring it out, I thought it worth sharing…

The Problem

When using multiple ssh keys on MacOS 10.6.3, it was using the first one configured, and ignoring the other identities if going to the same server. I wanted […]

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Steve Jobs. When I was 12 years old, my first real computer experiences were on an Apple II. I had earned enough money to buy my own Apple IIe by age 15 (almost $2,000), and was student-teaching UCSD Pascal as a junior in high school. I […]

LIVE @ The Apple WWDC 2010

Being LIVE at Apple’s World-wide Developers conference seeing Steve Jobs unveil the new iPhone is a big deal! More so than I anticipated. He is such a showman, it feels a bit like it being at a Circus, awaiting the unveiling of the next amazing death defying trick. We are truly in a time of […]

Great iPad Customer Delivery Experience

I personally held out for the iPad WiFi+3G model this last month. As I wrote earlier, the wait was not so fun, while watching others play with their WiFi pads. However, I can now say the wait was well worth it–being able to use my iPad anywhere without worrying about a WiFi connection is nice, […]

iPadimonium is Painful

The iPad experience has been surreal for me. Not the kind of “I’m in heaven dream”, but rather the frustrating “outside looking through the glass” dream. You see, I ordered one of the WiFi+3G models…coming later this month. The logic seemed solid at the time, yet in retrospect I’ve missed out on a fabulous launch […]

The Google Phone – Nexus One

Google is getting a head start on the media blitz @ CES with the launch of the Nexus One phone. However, the media response thus far has been mediocre at best. Bottom line is it’s a nice looking HTC phone with features you would expect; however, it’s not much different than the Droid that was […]

Moving Systems into the Cloud

Cloud computing is going mainstream…this might sound a bit obvious as the media has been hyping cloud computing for sometime. However, it has only been in recent months that companies are seriously starting to move production systems to the clouds.

I can say this with some authority, as i have an increasing number of clients […]