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How to manage 85,000+ photos?

Please let me know if you know the answer–I haven’t yet figured it out… However, I do have some specific requirements and ideas on how it should work. I’ve done a lot of reading and homework on the topic, yet not invested in LightRoom or Aperture, which appear to be the choices available to professional […]

Therapy Sessions at the Sanitarium

Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? It’s actually quite the opposite. There is a growing number of people that go to a place called the Sanitarium to retain or perhaps regain their sanity. The Sanitarium is a Snowkiting Park on the north side of Lake Dillon in Summit county Colorado.

This weekend was the 6th Annual […]


As a personal side project, I have been working on a website to display my father’s work. It recently went public, and I now have a co-editor–my sister Sandy 😉 My father, Robert W. Davison, was a fairly well-known wildlife photographer. He specialized in North American life-cycle stories. Due to this, I had a fairly […]

The new Canon 50D - My father would be proud

My father was a professional wildlife photographer–did work for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, the National Audubon Society and other nostalgic organizations. He passed away 23 years ago next month. Although photography was his career, it has only been a hobby of mine–albeit one that grows more interesting all the time. In particular, I […]