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The Lee Brower Experience

When I read a great book, see a great movie, or attend a great seminar, there is always something that sticks with me more than anything else. It’s the ‘ah ha’ of the experience and it’s not always what I expect or even the primary subject of the material. Yet it is profound, and often […]

I’m going skydiving when I’m 90

I love stories about people that love life and live it to their fullest. I have a good friend, Heather Morgan, aka Chief Penguin, who shared with me an incredible story about her grandfather.

Glenn Morgan, who just recently turned 90 years young, celebrated his birthday by skydiving with his family. He took his first […]

Renaissance of the Garage Startup with a Twist of Lime

We are in a rebirth or revival of garage startup companies. Garage in the sense of creative innovation that is happening in the least likely places, with minimal resources and cash-flow. The best analogy is that of the original garage startup days, way back when Stephen and Steve created Apple Computer, and Bill and […]

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Steve Jobs. When I was 12 years old, my first real computer experiences were on an Apple II. I had earned enough money to buy my own Apple IIe by age 15 (almost $2,000), and was student-teaching UCSD Pascal as a junior in high school. I […]

Should Kids Be Bribed to Do Well in School?

A friend shared a recent TIME article “Should Kids Be Bribed to Do Well in School?” This struck a cord with me as I am a father of 3 teenagers–with some personal experience in this area

I have used many methods of incentive over the years, both negative and positive. The bottom line: nothing […]

6 Days with Bob Proctor - The Master Thinker

I had the opportunity to spend 6 days with Bob Proctor in August. To say the least, it was a Mind blowing experience. He is doing it again in early December for a select group of individuals–checkout The Bob Proctor Matrixx.

Bob is a living Master of the Philosophy of Achievement and Success, as […]

Paul Joseph Skok - An Awakened Leader

A favorite quote of mine from Frank Herbert’s epic novel Dune is when Paul Muad’dib realizes his destiny and shouts to the universe “Father, the sleeper has awakened!” I was reminded of this after listening to Mr. Paul Joseph Skok this evening give an inspiring address to more than one hundred leaders in the […]

Brain Mapping & The Neuroscience of Leadership

I had the serendipitous opportunity to meet and visit with Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin recently, who gave me a glimpse of what I call Fitness for the Mind.

Dr. Fannin is a well known neuroscientist and the Executive Director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement in Glendale, AZ. He and his team are leading the […]

Meeting Malcolm Gladwell

I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers. Since then, I have been reminiscing about the first time I heard about Malcolm—and then I met him.

It was June 3, 2001. I had been invited to join Freshwater Software’s first annual ‘eBusiness Growth Summit’, by Donna Auguste, whom I had the pleasure of working […]


As a personal side project, I have been working on a website to display my father’s work. It recently went public, and I now have a co-editor–my sister Sandy 😉 My father, Robert W. Davison, was a fairly well-known wildlife photographer. He specialized in North American life-cycle stories. Due to this, I had a fairly […]