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UPDATE: As of August 15th, 2012, YOUR DREAM MACHINE is a #1 Best Seller in SEVEN categories on Amazon.com!

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to co-author a new book called “YOUR DREAM MACHINE“, with Jane Willhite and many other amazing authors. I stopped “aspiring” to be a writer and started doing something […]

The Lee Brower Experience

When I read a great book, see a great movie, or attend a great seminar, there is always something that sticks with me more than anything else. It’s the ‘ah ha’ of the experience and it’s not always what I expect or even the primary subject of the material. Yet it is profound, and often […]

REWORK is Extraordinary

I highly recommend the new book “REWORK” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of 37signals. What caught my eye while browsing new releases @ B&N was the endorsement from Seth Godin “IGNORE THIS BOOK AT YOUR OWN PERIL.” And then I saw the back cover…and I was hooked. I read the whole book […]

6 Days with Bob Proctor - The Master Thinker

I had the opportunity to spend 6 days with Bob Proctor in August. To say the least, it was a Mind blowing experience. He is doing it again in early December for a select group of individuals–checkout The Bob Proctor Matrixx.

Bob is a living Master of the Philosophy of Achievement and Success, as […]

Meeting Malcolm Gladwell

I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers. Since then, I have been reminiscing about the first time I heard about Malcolm—and then I met him.

It was June 3, 2001. I had been invited to join Freshwater Software’s first annual ‘eBusiness Growth Summit’, by Donna Auguste, whom I had the pleasure of working […]