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The Lee Brower Experience

When I read a great book, see a great movie, or attend a great seminar, there is always something that sticks with me more than anything else. It’s the ‘ah ha’ of the experience and it’s not always what I expect or even the primary subject of the material. Yet it is profound, and often becomes more meaningful over time. My theory is this learning experience increases our awareness, and it represents a window, that may open up a whole new world–once we grasp the full meaning. We become aware of what is possible in a very personal sense.

I had the opportunity to see and experience Mr. Lee Brower at Principia 2007. He introduced The Brower Quadrant, a system for creating True Wealth. I was so intrigued by his system and philosophy that wanted to know more–so I attended a small conference of his, called the Quadrant Living Experience. I learned many great things, yet the ‘ah ha’ for me was this:

Clarity creates Energy    \
Balance creates Velocity > Together they create Confidence
Focus creates Accuracy  /

This is the way I remember it. It’s not exactly the way Lee presented it, yet profound for me nonetheless–I truly internalized this lesson.

CLARITY >>> ENERGY: Knowing what you want to do and where you want to go creates energy. The opposite is also true–lack of clarity creates uncertainty and generally depresses us.

BALANCE >>> VELOCITY: I love the analogy of a car and it’s tires–if all 4 tires are not balanced, it creates wobble, which prevents the car from performing well. For me the 4 tires represent the 4 areas of our life. Lee uses his 4 quadrants: Core, Experience, Contribution, and Financial. I like to apply the 4 sides of the Peace-of-Mind Square: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. If we’re in balance in these 4 areas, we can naturally increase our Velocity–the ability to do more in less time.

FOCUS >>> ACCURACY: Lee puts it best “If you have clarity and balance you understand what matters most. That allows you to focus on those activities that generate the greatest results.  You don’t waste effort on activities that may be important but are not essential to achieving optimal results. The outcome of Focus is Accuracy! You achieve more with less effort.”

(ENERGY + VELOCITY + ACCURACY) >>> CONFIDENCE: If you are creating energy, velocity, and accuracy in your daily life, you are creating confidence. People are attracted to confidence, and repelled by the lack of it. The more confidence you create, the greater the opportunities, relationships, and experiences you will attract in your life.

Lee published his book The Brower Quadrant almost 2 years later (April 2009), and he talks about this in detail–you can learn more about it here. I highly recommend it.

“Always make your learning greater than your experience”Lee Brower quoting Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach

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