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The Impact and Legacy of Steve Jobs

The whole world is reeling and reflecting on the passing of Steve Jobs. I have seen countless articles and personal accounts of how Steve has impacted people around the world.

This one is about his impact on me personally.

His vision and execution, his obsession with aesthetic design, his unwillingness to give up on what he loved doing in the face of failure are all reasons I consider Steve a great Mentor and example of human potential. His Stanford Commencement address in 2005 is one of those truly inspiring speeches that will stand the test of time. Steve Jobs was a Leader of Self.

Mac vs. PC aside, I believe Steve put the “Personal” in Personal Computer. IBM used the name, yet Apple and Steve in particular evangelized and delivered on what is without a doubt the most “personal” of computers, music devices, and now mobile technology that has ever existed. Whether it was his vision for Calligraphy and typeface fonts in the Mac, making a bet on the mouse, fantastic hardware and software designs, or his showmanship in releasing the next great user experience–he always made it “personal” for us, the end user.

I had the opportunity to see Steve at his last show in June at the Apple World Wide Developer’s conference (WWDC11 San Francisco). Although thin and gaunt, he delivered iCloud and iOS5 with the same Passion I have witnessed for 30 years. The difference is he knows he’s made a significant contribution in this world. This is something i admire greatly.

Thank You Steve! You will be missed. Rest In Peace.
– Shawn Robin Davison

My Experiences with Apple and the influence of Steve Jobs

I had my first experience with Apple in 1979, while attending BYU Education Week with my parents. I was 12 years old, and I had the opportunity to go to an ‘Introduction to Computers’ class. This first computer experience was on an Apple ][. From then on I was hooked–I knew I would be doing something with computers.

I worked for almost two years to earn the money to buy an Apple computer. By then the Apple ][ Plus had been released. $1,782 top of the line with 48K of RAM! I paid attention to everything Steve Jobs said–after all, I had invested my entire savings in Apple.

Things took off from there–I learned to program in Basic. I was instrumental in getting my school district to invest in computers. I was student teaching UCSD Pascal and Forth as a Junior in High School. I was a Nerd. I was the coolest Nerd around.

I upgraded to an Apple IIe, and not long after that the Mac was introduced in January 1984. My Dad bought one of the first Macintosh computers in early 1984. I was jealous and happy at the same time, as he loved to write and this transformed his life from typewriter to Macintosh.

DeVRY Institute of Technology came to my high school recruiting–it was a no brainer for me. I started DeVRY 3 weeks after high school–not much of a summer break. The sad news was they were teaching COBOL, as much of the business world was still dependent on it, and all their computers were ugly IBM PCs or IBM mainframes.

For 20 years after graduating from college, I used Mac PowerBooks off and on depending on the company and culture. I also had the opportunity to work with NeXT in the early 90’s. It was an expensive box, yet in my position at that time, I was doing R&D for US WEST (Qwest -> Century Link), and we could justify it–barely.

The NeXT Cube is the only computer I have held onto as a prized collectable. It was truly before it’s time, with hi-res GUI, optical storage, and 400 DPI printing. I even went to class to learn Objective-C, never imagining that it would be the language for creating mobile (iPhone, iPad) software 20 years later.

Today, a significant portion of my business (DV·mobile) is building software for the iPhone and iPad mobile devices for companies around the world! What I do for a living and my professional passion–creating great software, is directly a result of the influence that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have had on me since I was 12 years old!

Again, Thank You Steve for the magnificent contribution you have made!

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