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How to manage 85,000+ photos?

Please let me know if you know the answer–I haven’t yet figured it out… However, I do have some specific requirements and ideas on how it should work. I’ve done a lot of reading and homework on the topic, yet not invested in LightRoom or Aperture, which appear to be the choices available to professional photographers. From what I can tell, they just don’t quite do the things I have in mind…

Here are the big items I’m looking for:

  • Virtual storage across multiple locations
    • The ability to store pics on multiple drives, but manage them as if they are part of one massive collection.
    • This would include the ability to pull and cache sub-collections based on interest and work I am doing, ideally from anywhere I am connected, not just at home connected to my archive drives.
  • Touch-based sorting and filtering with Tag-based hiding
    • Sorting photos and filtering out the great ones from the not so great ones, is one of, if not the most time consuming task in my photo work. The coverflow-UI on the Mac works fairly well, but still leaves something to desire.
    • My ideal sorting and filtering app is an iPad app that enables me to select and pull collections in with pinch of my fingers, just as the photo app works today; however, what I think would work great is to be able to select and hide photos based on tags using multi-touch. This of course works seamlessly with PC and Mac, such that when I get back to my desktop I see and have the sorted and tagged photo collections ready for resizing, color correction, and publishing…

More to come…

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