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Renaissance of the Garage Startup with a Twist of Lime

We are in a rebirth or revival of garage startup companies. Garage in the sense of creative innovation that is happening in the least likely places, with minimal resources and cash-flow. The best analogy is that of the original garage startup days, way back when Stephen and Steve created Apple Computer, and Bill and Paul were crafting what would become Microsoft.

This new renaissance is in stark contrast to the Internet boom (1996 – 2000). So much so, it is worth a side-by-side comparison of the culture and mindset shift that has occurred over the last 10 years.

Garage startup is a term right out of the 1970’s in the early age of microcomputers. A bit of trivia–Steve Wozniak got credit in the Encyclopedia Britannica, with his buddy Steve Jobs in the photo, but Steve Jobs isn’t mentioned in the article, just a credit in the photo…so much for the marketing guy 😉
Boom Days Green Days
Venture Capital galore Bootstrapping, avoid the VC at all costs
Work for Cash + Options Work for Equity or just enough cash to get by
High-rise offices and Herman Miller chairs Green Spaces with drapery covered trashed chairs
“Who’s car is that?” “Who’s dog is that?”
The Twist of Lime is a combination of social dynamics and green culture. There has been a massive tide shift or mindset change toward “Green”. This in combination with a social revolution that enables you to connect to anyone on the planet who has a network connection is very powerful. Thanks to Facebook, social networks are now part of our lives…whether we like it or not 😉

I am enjoying the Green Days…I expect there will be a new breed of super companies that will emerge from this period–even faster than Google or Facebook. The Boom will come much faster this time around, with a Bust right behind it, and the cycle will continue…

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