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Great iPad Customer Delivery Experience

I personally held out for the iPad WiFi+3G model this last month. As I wrote earlier, the wait was not so fun, while watching others play with their WiFi pads. However, I can now say the wait was well worth it–being able to use my iPad anywhere without worrying about a WiFi connection is nice, to say the least. I’m writing this entry in my car at lunch, with no WiFi to be found…

Considering the staggered launch strategy that Apple is executing, I was curious about how well they would pull it off from a customer experience perspective. I am happy to say that for me personally, it was a great experience.  Why?

  1. They said they would deliver late April.  They did, albeit the last day–April 30th.
  2. They synchronized pre-order shipments with the in-store launch.  This was a big deal for me, because I pre-ordered my iPad a couple months ahead of time.  They shipped them on April 29th, and it arrived the afternoon of April 30th, same day as the launch.  Because the 30th was a Friday, if they had shipped on the 30th, I wouldn’t have seen it until Monday May 3rd–that would have sucked.
  3. They sent a follow-up email as soon as the package was delivered by UPS, showing the basic’s of getting started.
  4. The packaging and ease of use is impeccable, everything you would expect from Apple.

I’ve heard they have shipped well over 1,000,000 iPads now, and International shipments won’t start until end of May.  I think it’s very plausible that they may hit the 10M target by year end.

1 comment to Great iPad Customer Delivery Experience

  • Murray Odell

    I like Apple products. I consider IPad is the best! But the prices are suppose here in sweden!