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iPadimonium is Painful

The iPad experience has been surreal for me.  Not the kind of “I’m in heaven dream”, but rather the frustrating “outside looking through the glass” dream.  You see, I ordered one of the WiFi+3G models…coming later this month.  The logic seemed solid at the time, yet in retrospect I’ve missed out on a fabulous launch party.

I was at the Apple store @ Flatirons on Launch day…I couldn’t resist.  I was fascinated with watching the people, what their reactions were–who was there playing with the iPad?  All I could do was look over the shoulder’s of very possessive people that were completely mesmerized in their exploration of this new device.  I did not get one touch in 15 minutes, before my teenagers said it was time to leave…I rationalized that it might make the wait more painful, if i did play with one.

It did and does.  I was at the Boulder NewTech Meetup on Tuesday evening, and it was ‘very cool’ to be one who had an iPad.  i got over it–after borrowing a friends and pretending it was mine.  Playing with the iPhone/iPad Simulator does not covey the experience of holding one in your hands.

There has been a lot of talk from Wall Street about Apple NOT making the expected launch numbers–only selling 300,000 or more than $150,000,000 in first day revenue.  I think Wall Street is full of Pelosi!  Apple is not able to claim sales until they ship product, so they still have all of the pre-orders for the WiFi+3G models, including my slice of pad heaven.

I’d say the iPad is in the middle of a brilliantly orchestrated Launch…

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