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The Google Phone – Nexus One

Google is getting a head start on the media blitz @ CES with the launch of the Nexus One phone.  However, the media response thus far has been mediocre at best.  Bottom line is it’s a nice looking HTC phone with features you would expect; however, it’s not much different than the Droid that was just recently launched.

What’s more interesting is that you can buy the phone unlocked Day 1, or from T-Mobile with a 2 year contract and soon from Verizon and Vodafone.  The sheer onslaught of android phones will give Apple some stiff competition—albeit not in design…not yet.

One feature the Nexus One has that is of particular interest to me is a built-in secondary microphone for active noise cancellation.  Noise is big issue for Voice capture and speech recognition, which are important Vozle features.  We have been evaluating software based noise reduction—so we welcome built-in noise cancellation on the hardware—hopefully it works 😉

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