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Smartphone Market is heating up

This quarter, we (my Vozle team) got a handle on the smartphone market–after all, it is the primary delivery vehicle for Vozle today–although we are also very excited about the new Apple tablet (more about that later…)

Here are some of our findings:

  • Total worldwide smartphone shipments for 3Q09: 43.3M
    • That is 15% of total phone shipments of 287.1M
    • iPhone has 17+% Worldwide
      • ChangeWave is estimating 30+% in the US, not far behind BlackBerry at 40%
      • Estimated # of iPhone shipments in 2010 — 40M
  • Nokia is still the King of the cell phone world at 37.8% market share; however, they are NOT doing well in the US and there is no indication they will not seriously compete in the smartphone market…yet.  We don’t think they will give up the lead without a fight; however, it hasn’t started yet.
  • Gartner projects Google Android based phones will overtake Apple iPhone in 2012, due to the fact that Google is aggressively scaling across multiple carriers.  Estimated # of Android phones EOY09 –> 20+, EOY10 –> 40+.

Based on the numbers, we have confirmed Android is our secondary platform priority behind iPhone.  The big question now is when will RIMM and Nokia have touch devices in the US that will take a significant bite of market share?

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