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6 Days with Bob Proctor - The Master Thinker

I had the opportunity to spend 6 days with Bob Proctor in August.  To say the least, it was a Mind blowing experience.  He is doing it again in early December for a select group of individuals–checkout The Bob Proctor Matrixx.

Bob is a living Master of the Philosophy of Achievement and Success, as taught by Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Wallace D. Wattles, James Allen and others.  You may know him as one of the teachers in the movie The Secret.

Bob has become a guide and mentor in my life.  Although I have been a student of Bob’s for more than 5 years, 2009 has been an extraordinary year of personal growth.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a student of human potential and awareness.  Bob is a living Master of these subjects.  He is known to his peers in the Personal Development industry as ‘The Master Thinker.’

Bob is genuine to the core.  He is on a mission to help people experience Right Thinking–to teach people the laws of the universe that you don’t learn in school–and to ultimately make an indelible imprint on millions of peoples lives by helping them become who they want to be.  In particular, he teaches about Money, the Mind and creating Multiple Sources of Income (MSIs).  Some of my favorite books of Bob’s include “You were Born Rich” and “It’s Not About the Money”.

He is 75 years old, yet more active than most 25 year olds–and he is not slowing down.  I can say this first hand, as I have had the opportunity to be with or in close proximity to him 10 days this year.  He is a student of human nature and a master of human potential and natural laws.

He continues to study every single day.  He carries with him everywhere he goes a 50 year-old copy of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  He can recite verbatim the wisdom of many masters.  He lives what he teaches.

Bob will tell you that all the Geniuses are dead–people thought they were crazy when they were alive.  It wasn’t until after they were dead that they realize their contribution and impact.

I think Bob is a Genius, and he’s still alive.  Experience The Bob Proctor Matrixx!

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