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Haptics, Mice, and Listening Applications

I am personally fascinated with the concept of Multimodal Interaction, yet find it surprising at how slow we are moving toward using voice and touch as a common way to communicate and interact with computers.

Touch Revolution

Touch screen technology has been around a long time. I remember overlay touch screen kioks back in […]

HP TouchSmart LapTop Tx2z

I just bought a new laptop this last week—the HP TouchSmart Tx2z. Honestly, I thought my next laptop would be a Mac; however, Apple doesn’t have a touch laptop yet, and a touch laptop is specifically what I wanted.

My experience has been mixed thus far. The touch interface (built by N-trig) is not that […]

RedPrairie E2e Business Process Platform - Part 2

My RedPrairie team has been heads-down working hard to prepare for the 2009.1 release of BPP, which will be launched at REDSHIFT:2009 (RedPrairie’s Annual User Conference).

BPP enables a new generation of process-based applications that span systems and organizations. Why is this significant? Because most enterprise processes that cross systems and/or organizations today have manual […]